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Girl From Winter Jargon comprises impassioned vocals with spiky, angular guitar riffs, raw soundscapes and looping atmospherics… 

“A jewel box loaded with a jack-knife instead of a ballerina; a voice that carries you into experiences of pain you’d rather forget – but so beautifully – that you’re forced to listen…” – 
Dominique Sherter – Daughter of French Concert Pianist (1935-2015)

Girl From Winter Jargon is an alternative songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from County Durham, UK who draws influences from post-punk, dark-cabaret and neoclassical genres.

Live performances have been described as a “one-girl-loopaganza,” while her painstakingly-pieced-together home recorded songs [Without Apology, Song For The Waves, Matilda] have gained recognition from the likes of BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music.  


“A great singer and a virtuoso guitarist who is really relaxed and comfortable in her own skin; she really, really was exciting and definitely original onstage.” Vic Galloway, BBC 6 & BBC Scotland 

Girl From Winter Jargon’s 2021 Double A side Single – “Song For The Waves / Matilda” was released (physically) on Butterfly Effects Label as a Limited Edition 7″ vinyl with home-made artwork. The vinyl sold out instantly and “Matilda” was playlisted by Nick Roberts at BBC North East/Newcastle/Sunderland

“With its layers of intricate squealing guitar, slap bass, shattering glass, and spectral harmonies, Song for the Waves is an inventive and muscular beast with a healthy dark streak of self-referential humour running through the lyrics that confidently walk a line between earnestness and everyday vernacular. If Song for the Waves represents an oncoming twilight, then its companion piece, Matilda, is very much the daylight that balances it out; specifically that golden hour where the light falls just right and everything looks glorious. Its gentle atmospherics and shimmering arpeggios gradually build in the manner of something like Fake Plastic Trees, with the dialled-back arrangement carving out acres of space for the vocal to take centre stage… the delivery is exquisite, in equal parts vulnerable and searingly powerful.” – I stood up and I said yeah

“Are you ready for a masterclass in guitar?”Lee Hawthorn, BBC North East

Girl From Winter Jargon was announced as one of BBC Music Introducing in the North East’s Tips for 2020 
That same year (amidst the beginning of a worldwide pandemic), Girl From Winter Jargon recorded a number of  live sessions and interviews at home, which were later broadcast by Nick Roberts (BBC Newcastle) Bob Fischer & Rianne Thompson (BBC Tees) 

“She is a great songwriter, great guitarist, great singer and she also owns a 25 year old pet dove. I mean, it’s all win-win really isn’t it?”
Bob Fischer, BBC Tees 

Without Apology [Girl From Winter Jargon’s Debut Single, released 08.08.19] was written, performed and recorded at home using a variety of instruments; vocals, guitar, bass and clarinet. The track was mixed & mastered by Rob Irish who later described Without Apology as a “labyrinthine cabaret which she wrote and painstakingly recorded every part for herself.” 

The single [Without Apology] was chosen by Bob Fischer as BBC Tees Music Introducing Track of The Week [27.07.19] and was also broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music [BBC Introducing Mixtape with Tom Robinson], BBC Scotland [with Vic Galloway], and playlisted on BBC Newcastle / North East New Music Playlist [with Nick Roberts] 

Without Apology also featured as an exclusive track on the Noisy Daughters Compilation Vinyl L.P [17.05.19] as co-curated by Rianne Thompson of BBC Tees & Amazing Radio alongside Tracks: Darlington Music Collective and Butterfly Effect Records. 

“[Without Apology is] a song that demands multiple listens to appreciate its entire spectrum but once you do, you’ll get hooked on its artistry.” – N.E Volume 

“Without Apology is an impressive and intricately organised track, weaving between idiosyncratic bell-like layered guitars alongside the surprising addition of some slap bass… with the lyrics ranging from the sardonic and satirical to the contemplative…” – Narc Magazine 

“We fell in love with her music on first listen… with her dominating vocal range reminiscent of a ‘Siné’ Jeff Buckley.” – Sad For Life Records 

“ …just soak in the phenomenal songwriting and intense performance that almost makes music a solid and physical thing. Once described as ‘the female Jeff Buckley’ she is Durham’s own, Girl from Winter Jargon” – Win Big Records 

“Nuance-rich vocals combine with stand-alone electric guitar, live looping layers and strange, spooky noises. Girl From Winter Jargon is talent & art personified and one of the best things you’ll see, ever.” – Tees Music Alliance