Raw video performances featuring original music by “Girl From Winter Jargon” can be seen below.

“We Are Not The Stars” by Girl From Winter Jargon

Live @ Soapbox Sessions, Hole in the Wall Market Tavern & Kitchen, Darlington, Co Durham
Thank you muchly to David T Saunders & Mark Blizard for putting this together xx???xx

“My Machete” (Interrupted) by Girl From Winter Jargon

During a little practice of this song on piano, something interrupted me.
Usually interruptions make me see red but I’ve grown oddly fond of this one.

“Yes Darling, No Darling” by Girl From Winter Jargon

The video below was taken from “Throwing Voices” – Girl From Winter Jargon – Short Film / Field Music / Field Recording which is a low budget, (warts and all) short film by Mr B, featuring recorded / field music by Girl From Winter Jargon under a graffiti’d bridge, performing the songs, “At The Bridge” and “Yes Darling, No Darling” along with some excepts of imprompt, ad lib vocalising. There is also a bedroom – recorded version of “Yes Darling, No Darling” performed on piano which can be found here.

“At The Bridge” by Girl From Winter Jargon

“At The Bridge” performed live by Girl From Winter Jargon and her blue companion, George – at Gluefactory, The Fishtank, Durham, UK
Filmed by Mr Albunde. Geek info: Acoustic guitar played through line 6 spider 2 amp & line 6 FBV short board (with delay effect)

“On Hospital Beds” by Girl From Winter Jargon

Girl From Winter Jargon performing ‘On Hospital Beds’ acoustically at The Durham Ox
Video & audio by Acoustox, The Durham Ox, Coundon, County Durham

The Bad Cover Versions Project

There was once a thing called the “Bad Cover Version” project. People were confused by the name of said project. The original idea behind it all was to take open requests or suggestions of “bad songs” (i.e songs that aren’t very good) and to cover them, or find a way to reinterpret them. Music is of course, subjective. One person’s terrible song is another person’s favourite; consequently, many people mistook the title as self deprecating, others suggested good songs and most of the rules were broken. I am happy with some of them, still very embarrassed by others. (I think it’s okay to feel embarrassed.) I wanted a challenge. The songs range from childhood television theme tunes (Fireman Sam, Poddington Peas) to sexist Burt Bacharach songs, Pet Shop Boys, Siouxsie and The Banshees and Teesside-based post-punk band, “The Chapman Family” who felt that the cover of their song “Anxiety” was… “Prettier than our version…” 
They are what they are and they can all be found here: BAD COVER VERSIONS