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Girl From Winter Jargon @ Womenfolk
Girl From Winter Jargon @ Womenfolk – Photography by Rob Irish

“Girl From Winter Jargon handles her guitar with more casual grace and precision than most people can manage to move their own arms; uses her voice like a fine instrument…” 

– Zarahruth –  (Folk singer-songwriter; composer of BBC Tees’ Song Of The Week with “Monster Food”)

Girl From Winter Jargon is talent & art personified; this video (below) is one of the best things you’ll see today…” 

David Saunders –  (Tees Music Alliance / The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens / Goy Boy McIlroy)

Throwing Voices – Girl From Winter Jargon – Short Film / Field Music / Field Recording

A short film by Mr B; features field recorded / field music by Girl From Winter Jargon under a graffiti’d bridge, performing the songs, “At The Bridge” and “Yes Darling, No Darling” along with some excepts of imprompt, ad lib vocalising.

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