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Girl From Winter Jargon @ Womenfolk
Girl From Winter Jargon @ Womenfolk – Photography by Rob Irish

“Girl From Winter Jargon handles her guitar with more casual grace and precision than most people can manage to move their own arms; uses her voice like a fine instrument…” 

– Zarahruth –  (Folk singer-songwriter; composer of BBC Tees’ Song Of The Week with “Monster Food”)

Girl From Winter Jargon is talent & art personified; this video (below) is one of the best things you’ll see today…” 

David Saunders –  (Tees Music Alliance / The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens / Goy Boy McIlroy)

 “Girl From Winter Jargon is a fascinating alt-rock artist from Durham who certainly knows how to wield a guitar.”

– N.E Volume (North East Music and Culture Magazine)

Throwing Voices – Girl From Winter Jargon – Short Film / Field Music / Field Recording

A short film by Mr B; features field recorded / field music by Girl From Winter Jargon under a graffiti’d bridge, performing the songs, “At The Bridge” and “Yes Darling, No Darling” along with some excepts of imprompt, ad lib vocalising.

“Incorporating delay and EBow usage with live looping layers and eerie guitar noises, Girl From Winter Jargon certainly knows how to create a haunting atmosphere.”

– N.E Volume (North East Music and Culture Magazine)

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